Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What I've been through

First of all i've been through a lot of pain, muscle pain and weakness, low - fever, my kidney war very seriously damaged, my lever was enlarged, my joints were inflamed and hurting me and so on.

Then I've been diagnosed first with rheumatoid arthritis and began a beta-tester treatment with REMICADE, which for arthritis may be good but to me it made more damage than good. Then after 3 months of pain when the doctor in my town didn't know what to do he sent me to another hospital in another city where i was correctly diagnosed and guess what? I WAS HAVING SLE.

After a 3 weeks period when i was raised on my legs in that hospital they sent me to another one to have my treatment and periodical examinations because it was closer to my town.

It was a real nightmare I can tell you that and those of us who passed through this kind of things can understand. I've begun to lose weight but in the same time I've begun to bloat.
I was unfortunately resembling those people in Africa which suffer from malnutrition, with those big belly and their legs as their hands.

It was horrible I can tell you that.

But one of my symptoms was insomnia and due to the politics of our internet provider at that time I was able to save some money on this staying late night and did some Google research for some natural cures or remedies for my illness.

I can say now it was worth it. I found a man who said he can cure lupus (SLE). But about this on my next post.

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